Cedar Creek Memorial Park Cemetery

Mabank, Kaufman County, Texas

Take Hwy. 198 at Mabank going toward Canton, Tex. Cross under Hwy. 175 and from there it is 2 miles further on the right hand side of the road. Most tombstones are flat on a 2 x 5 piece of pink granite with brass or copper plates that have the names on them. Several stones had not been placed at the grave site and the cemetery was less than ten years old when the enumeration was made.

Enumerated by Nina and Chelsea Hendricks, August 16-23, 2008


Edward T. Adams; Oct. 7, 1936; Married 1956, Together forever (Tombstone With Nancy H. Adams)

Nancy H. Adams; Oct. 8, 1938-Feb. 14, 2005; Married 1956, Together forever (Tombstone With Edward T. Adams)


Carolynne Joan Neal Adcock, Mom, Granny Jo and Aunt Doe Doe; Jan. 16, 1934 (Tombstone With Windol Merkell Adcock) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Windol Merkell Adcock, S1 U.S. Navy, World War 11; May 12, 1926-Jul. 25, 2007, Dad, papa, Wendol (Tombstone With Carolynne Joan Neal Adcock) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Ila A. Alumbaugh; Oct. 24, 1918-Oct. 16, 2006 (Tombstone With Lester S. Alumbaugh)

Lester S. Alumbaugh; Sept. 3, 1915-June 18, 2002 (Tombstone With ILa A. Alumbaugh)


Alwyn Leo Anders; Nov. 30, 1941 (Tombstone With Beverly Ann Anders)

Beverly Ann Anders; June 11, 1952-July 22, 2004 (Tombstone With Alwyn Leo Anders)


Christopher Gaylord Anderson, Loving son and daddy; May 12, 1965-Mar. 8, 2008 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Glen Anderson, U.S. Army- World War 11; Aug. 30, 1916-Feb. 23, 2001 (Tombstone With winnie Ruth Anderson(Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Winnie Ruth Anderson ; Oct. 16, 1924-June 12, 2004 (Tombstone With Glen Anderson(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Mary Sue Attaway, Beloved wife, mother and grandmother; Nov. 17, 1933 (Double stone- other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Susan Arlene Attaway, Loving daughter, sister and aunt; Sept. 11, 1962 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Harold Dean Autry, SGT. U.S. Army, World War 11; Jan. 21, 1924-Oct. 29, 2003 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Kevin Ray "Bull" Bailey, Beloved husband of Beth; Nov. 17, 1962-Nov. 19, 2006; “Only those who risk going too far will never know how far they can go. “ T.S. Eliot


Bobbie Jean Ballew; Apr. 23, 1934 (Tombstone With Jimmy Burton Ballew)

Jimmy Burton Ballew; Aug. 28, 1937-Aug. 27, 2002 (Tombstone With Bobbie Jean Ballew)


Sherree Renee Bee; 1980-2003


Roy V. Benedict, PFC U.S. Army, World War 11; Dec. 11, 1926-Mar. 10, 2008 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Paul W. Bennett; Apr. 29, 1945-Jan. 30, 2001 (Tombstone With David G. Lowrey)


Doris E. Blaase, In loving memory; Oct. 16, 1918-Jan. 13, 2006


Sara Jane Black; July 9, 1946-Aug. 11, 2003 (Tombstone With Virgil Franklin Black)


Virgil Franklin Black; July 14, 1938-Jan. 2, 2004 (Tombstone With Sara Jane Black)


Emma Melinda Bennett Bledsoe; Oct. 5, 1958-Mar. 27, 2006; Wife, mother, daughter, sister and GaGa; Every day is a gift from God.


Margaret Boatright; Sept. 25, 1932; Married Jan. 19, 1951 (Tombstone With Thurman Boatright)

Thurman Boatright, Feb. 26, 1933-Apr. 29, 2005; Married Jan. 19, 1951 (Tombstone With Margaret Boatright)


Jerry Ray Bolden, Beloved husband, father and Paw paw; Sept. 8, 1939-Sept. 10, 2007 (Tombstone With JoAnn Marie Bolden)

JoAnn Marie Bolden, Beloved wife, mother and grandma; June 9, 1942 (Tombstone With Jerry Ray Bolde)


Barbara P. Boyd, She loved and was loved; Nov. 3, 1932-Oct. 21, 2006 (Tombstone With James E. "Jim" Boyd (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

James E. "Jim" Boyd; Aug. 10, 1934 (Tombstone With Barbara P. Boyd) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Barry Wayne Brewer, Loving son; Nov. 3, 1966-Aug. 17, 2006


Mary Ann Brittain, Beloved wife and mother; Aug. 13, 1942 (Tombstone With Robert Frank Brittain (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Robert Frank Brittain, U.S. Navy; Aug. 18, 1940-May 4, 200; Beloved husband and father (Tombstone With Mary Ann Brittain) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Danny Ray Brown; May 26, 1947-June 6, 2001; Loving husband and daddy


Hebert A. Brydon, U.S. Air Force- Korea; Oct. 5, 1931-Sept. 16, 2006 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


John Mackie Buchanan; Feb. 22, 1941-Nov. 14, 2004; Picture of school bus #14 (Tombstone With Linda Faye Buchanan)

Linda Faye Buchanan;Nov. 24, 1941-Feb. 10, 2002; Picture of school bus #14 (Tombstone With John Mackie Buchanan)


Jimmy W. Bullion Sr , CPL U.S. Army- Korea ; Aug. 24, 1934 -June 28, 2007 ( Small Plaque's on same stone: Fred C. Bullion- 1942-2005; Kenneth W. Bullion- 1960-1986)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


David Bryan Bumgardner; Aug. 17, 1939-Oct. 14, 2006; Married Feb. 22, 1972 (Tombstone With Grace Loraine Bumgardner)

Grace Loraine Bumgardner; June 17, 1929; Married Feb. 22, 1972 (Tombstone With David Bryan Bumgardner)


Jerry D. Burney; SP5- Vietnam; Sept. 30, 1941 (Tombstone With Nelda Bennett Burney) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Nelda Bennett Burney, Beloved mother and best friend; Nov. 14, 1942 (Tombstone With Jerry D. Burney (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Calvin George Busby, U.S. Marine Corps.- Korea; Aug. 21, 1933-;Nov. 3, 2004(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Jimmy Dal Byford- Daddy; Nov. 19, 1935-May 23, 2002


John Lawrence Byrne, U.S. Army; Apr. 6, 1927-Dec. 2, 2001 (Tombstone With Lena Mae Byrne) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Lena Mae Byrne, Always loving always loved; May 1, 1922 (Tombstone With John Lawrence Byrne) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Deanna I. Cain, Loving wife of forty one year; Aug. 4, 1941 (Tombstone With Melvin Ray Cain) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Melvin Ray Cain, Sgt. U.S. Army-Korea; Sept. 21, 1927-Feb. 13, 2006 (Tombstone With Deanna I. Cain) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Glenda McBride Calverley; Jan. 27, 1932-Dec. 16, 2007; In loving memory

Jack R. Calverley, U.S. Army; Jan. 19, 1930-June 14, 2004


Sharon G. Carmichael; June 9, 1948-Jan. 2, 2007


Karla Kay Carroll, Our loved one; May 30, 1959-May 6, 2006


Donald S. Chaltin-Daddy; Oct. 12, 1935-Aug. 18, 2001; Married 1956 (Tombstone With Georgia M. Chaltin)

Georgia M. Chaltin-Mother;Nov. 30, 1936; Married 1956 (Tombstone With Donald S. Chaltin)


Earline Chapman, Loving wife and mother; Nov. 30, 1923-Apr. 18, 2002 (Double stone-other side blank)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


James William Chatterly, A2C U.S. Air Force; June 30, 1938-Jan 27, 2006 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


John S. Clark Jr. - Papa; Sept. 9, 1927-Feb. 16, 2005; Papa our sidekick in good times (Tombstone With Lizzie E. Dale Clark) Military stone: WPR U.S. Merchant Marine, SGT. U.S. Army, WW11- Korea

Lizzie E. Dale Clark- Meme; Everybody needs a Meme; (Tombstone With John S. Clark Jr)


Elbert L. Cole, U.S. Army Air Corps., World War 11; Jan. 13, 1922-Feb. 23, 2005 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


John Clint Collinsworth Jr.-Pa Paw; Apr. 10, 1958; Married Sept. 3, 1976; Gone from our home but not from our hearts (Tombstone With Sherry Lynn Collinsworth)

Sherry Lynn Collinsworth-Ma maw; Apr. 12, 1957-Aug. 7, 2002; Married Sept. 3, 1976; Gone from our home but not from our hearts (Tombstone With John Clint Collinsworth Jr)


Doris J. Conrad; Mar. 23, 1925 (Tombstone With Wallie Merrill Conrad (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Wallie Merrill Conrad, SOMH3 U.S. Navy, World War 11; Mar. 14, 1925-May 3, 2003 (Tombstone With Doris J. Conrad) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Janet Sue Cook; May 1, 1934 (Tombstone With Paul Cook) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Paul Cook, AA U.S. NavyKor, ea; June 11, 1932-Nov. 13, 2004 (Tombstone With Janet Sue Cook) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Tommy J. Cook, Beloved father and son; Feb. 19, 1964-Oct. 5, 2005


Janie Lenore Cooper, Beloved wife, mother and nanny; Apr. 28, 1922-Dec. 2, 2006

Ronald J. Cooper; July 7, 1945-Aug. 28, 2006; Married Jan. 15, 1968 - Together forever (Tombstone With L. Lynne)


Evelyn Terry Cowley, Loving wife, mother, granny and sister; Jan. 5, 1933-Apr. 7, 2005 (Double stone- other side blank)


Alysa Anne Crow; Feb. 16, 2002-Mar. 19, 2002; Forever in our hearts

Beverly Kay Crow; May 25, 1950; Married May 29, 1987- Together forever (Tombstone With Laurence Allan Crow)

Laurence Allan Crow; June 25, 1944-Oct. 10, 2007; Married May 29, 1987- Together forever (Tombstone With Beverly Kay Crow)


Betty Jean Davenport, Beloved wife and mother; Apr. 25, 1925-July 27, 2006 (Double stone-other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Billy G. Davis- Daddy-Papa; Aug. 21, 1924; Married May 13, 1943; Together forever (Tombstone With Margie F. Davis)

Joshua Walton Davis; Feb. 10, 1986-Mar. 11, 2003; Son, brother, friend; Forever in our hearts(Tombstone WithDarrell Walton Davis and Nanetti Yvonne Davis)

Nanetti Yvonne Davis-Mom, Oct. 10, 1963; In loving memory, Married Apr. 22, 1982 (Tombstone With Darrell Walton Davis and Joshua Walton Davis)


Maxine "Shorty" DeRossett; Mar. 19, 1936; Loving mother and grandmother, God called her home


James P. Dickson, PFC U.S. Army; Mar. 17, 1942-Jan. 8, 2005 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Carolyn Ann Dillard; Aug. 20, 1941 (Double stone-other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Chester A. Dyer; Feb. 11, 1914 (Tombstone With Marsha M. Dyer)

Jack Edward Dyer, "Grandaddy"; Feb. 17, 1935-June 22, 2008 ; Married June 3, 1954 ; Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth; Yea, saith the spirit that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them. Revelation 14:13 (Tombstone With Lillie LaWanda Dye)

Marsha M. Dyer; Mar. 11, 1935 (Tombstone With Chester A. Dyer)

Mary M. Dyer; 1919


Randal G. Eubank, PFC U.S. Army; Aug. 13, 1943-May 5, 2005(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Alvies "Skip" M. Everett Jr.; 957-2008 ; (Tombstone With Carla J. Everett); Together forever

Carla J. Everett; 1959-(Tombstone With Alvies “Skip” M. Everett, Jr.) Together forever


Linda Felts; Jan. 13, 1948 (Tombstone With Melvin "Sonny" Felts) Together for eternity

Melvin "Sonny" Felts; July 20, 1947-Oct. 10, 2006 (Tombstone With Linda Felts) Together for eternity


Brenda C. Ferguson; May 25, 1951-Feb. 3, 2005; Beloved wife, mother and grandma


James Francis Fleming, CPL U.S. Army, World War 11-Silver Star; Dec.20, 1917-Nov. 24, 2001 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Linda A. Fletcher; Dec. 30, 1940 (Tombstone With Larry D. Fletcher) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Bernard G. France, SC1 U.S. Navy, World War 11; Oct. 27, 1922-May 2, 2006 (Tombstone With Jewetta J. France) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Jewetta J. France, Loving wife and mothe; Mar. 31, 1927 (Tombstone With Bernard G. France (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Carol A. Frantz; Feb. 28, 1940; Forever in our hearts (Tombstone With Leland G. Frantz)

Leland G. Frantz; Aug. 5, 1940-Dec. 20, 2002 Forever in our hearts (Tombstone With Carol A. Frantz)


Claudia M. Frayre; Aug. 21, 2006-Aug. 22, 2006; Precious angel


Clara Nell Williams Fuller, "Granny"; Aug. 9, 1934; Married May 21, 1954; Beloved children-Billy Ray Fuller, Nelda Kay Fuller,; Choose you this day whom ye will serve; as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15 (Tombstone With William Ray "Bill" Fuller)

William Ray "Bill" Fuller,"Grandpa"; Nov. 29, 1935-Aug. 14, 2004; Married May 21, 1954; Beloved children-Billy Ray Fuller, Nelda Kay Fuller,; Choose you this day whom ye will serve; as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15; Sergeant- Police 104 Carrollton, Texas (Tombstone With Clara Nell Williams Fuller)


Maria Guadalupe Gallegos; 1930-Feb. 19, 2005; Todos Te Recordamos Con Mucho Carino (Double stone-other side blank)


Alan Ramon Vargas Garcia--"Mi Angelito"; Oct. 16, 2007-Oct. 16, 2007


Mary L. Gidden; Sept. 11, 1930-May 15, 2006


Lura Ruth Glasscock; Nov. 26, 1943 (Tombstone With Paul Edmon Glasscock) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Paul Edmon Glasscock, S.Sgt. U.S. Air Force, Korea; Mar. 7, 193-Oct. 31, 2002 (Tombstone With Lura Ruth Glasscock) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Shirley Ann Grant; June 1, 1946-July 17, 2003; Wife and mom- We love you


Linda Bauguss Greenhaw- "Nannie"; Mar. 5, 1938-Nov. 29, 2007


Ora Hagler; Jan. 5, 1925-Sept. 3, 2006


A. Odell "Buzzy" Hale; Nov. 23, 1936 (Tombstone With Dee Arlene McDaniel Hale)


Sarena J. Hammonds; Dec. 8, 1934-Nov. 2, 2006; In loving memory- If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane I'd walk up to heaven and bring you home again (Tombstone With William T. Hammond)

William T. Hammonds; Dec. 22, 1931; In loving memory- If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane I'd walk up to heaven and bring you home again (Tombstone With Sarena J. Hammonds)


Hannah Nicole Harrill; May 9, 1999-July 15, 2006; You will always be our sunshine- Hannah's favorite verse "Don't be afraid just believe" Mark 5:36. On back of stone- Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed; for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee with the right hand of my righteousness. Isaiah 41:10


James Lavoy Harvey, ETCS U.S. Navy,Korea- Vietnam; Apr. 18, 1932-Jan. 17, 2007; Lovingly known as Jack (Tombstone With Mary E. Harvey) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Mary E. Harvey; Apr. 10, 1934 (Tombstone With James Lavoy Harvey) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Timothy Dewayne Hathcock?-- funeral marker hard to read; Feb. 9, 1971-Apr. 6, 2006


Dorothy Ann Streaman Haverly, Beloved wife and mother; Oct. 28, 1933 (Double stone-other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Pat J. Hawkins, Beloved wife, mom and grandmom; July 7, 1954 (Double stone-other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Doris Jean Henson,Loving wife, mother and grandmother; Oct. 9, 1933-Feb. 19, 2002 (Tombstone With Ernest George Henson)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Ernest George Henson, PVT U.S. Army, World War 11; May 6, 1927-July 19, 2004 (Tombstone With Doris Jean Henson)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Edwin Yamir Hernandez-Son; Apr. 9, 1977-May 8, 2005 (Tombstone With Leticia Jaimes Strouse)


Dorothy Louise Hertter, Beloved wife, mother and grandmother; Sept. 14, 1924-Feb. 15, 2005 (Tombstone With Joseph Byford Hertter)

Joseph Byford Hertter, AS U.S. Navy -WW11; July 25, 1921-Apr. 24, 2005 (Tombstone With Dorothy Louise Hertter)


Mike W. Hilliard; Feb. 12, 1961-Feb. 21, 2006


Jimmy Don Hooper, U.S. Navy; July 25, 1943-June 21, 2007; Beloved husband, father and paw paw (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Marcia L. Howard, Loving wife and mother; Jan. 9, 1931-Nov. 18, 2007 (Double stone-other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Truman Leo Howell Sr., U.S. Army- Vietnam; Mar. 29, 1943-Nov. 12, 2004 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Caroline Humphreys; 1916- (Tombstone With Raymond J. Humphreys)

Raymond J. Humphreys; 1915-2001 (Tombstone With Caroline Humphreys)


Michael Eugene Hunt; 1963


Franklin L. Hurley, SFC U.S. Army; May 8, 193-Oct. 31, 2006 (Tombstone With Iola Faye Hurley)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Iola Faye Hurley, Beloved wife and mother; Dec. 7, 1923- Feb. 23, 2004 (Tombstone With Franklin L. Hurley(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Robert J. Janeway Sr., U.S. Navy- Korea; Jan. 14, 1930-June 2, 2007 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


James Larry Jones Sr., Loving husband, father and Pawpaw; July 8, 1952-Feb. 17, 2003; We love you Big Lar


Karen S. Juica- Momma, Our strength; Apr. 24, 1961 (Tombstone With Michael S. Juica), Married July 22, 1978, Our children- Lisa, Justin, Nathan

Michael S. Juica - Daddy, Our Laughter; Feb. 26, 1954 (Tombstone With Karen S. Juica), Married July 22, 1978, Our children- Lisa, Justin, Nathan


Coy H. Keeling; 1938-; Mason emblem (Tombstone With Judy A. Keeling)

Judy A. Keeling, 1943-2008; Eastern Star emblem (Tombstone With Coy H. Keeling)


Glynda S. Kilgore; Sept. 2, 1943; Married Jan. 13, 1987 (Tombstone With Kenneth E. Kilgore)

Kenneth E. Kilgore; Mar. 18, 1945; Married Jan. 13, 1987 (Tombstone With Glynda S. Kilgore)


Wanda J. Koller; Sept. 17, 1935 (Double stone-other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Carolyn Sue Krone; Oct. 18, 1949-May 2, 2006; In God's loving care


Sheri Nottingham Laurence, In loving memory; Jan. 8, 1969-Mar. 14, 2003; And Jesus said unto her "I am resurrection and the life; On back of stone- Loving wife of Robert James Laurence, loving mother of Chelsea Nicole Bee, Katilyn Breanna and Trent Daniel Laurence


Jack David Leaverton,U.S. Army, World War 11; Nov. 25, 2002-Dec. 19, 2003 (Tombstone With Wilma Fern Leaverton)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Willma Fern Leaverton, Loving wife, mother and friend; Dec. 19, 1915-Nov. 25, 2002 (Tombstone With Jack David Leaverton)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Milton Kyle Lievsay, S1 U.S. Navy, World War 11; Oct. 14, 1927-Dec. 9, 2004 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Konner Lorick, Our baby; Oct. 25, 2005-Oct. 25, 2005


Doyle Ross Love, SN U.S. Navy- Korea, Aug. 9, 1933-June 30, 2007 (Double stone-other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


David G. Lowrey; Oct. 13, 1954; In loving memory (Tombstone With Paul W. Bennett)


Howard Leyon Lunday, SP 5 U.S. Army; July 21, 1939-Mar. 27, 2005 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


L. Lynne; Nov. 3, 1949; Married Jan. 15, 1968 - Together forever (Tombstone With Ronald J. Cooper)


Leon J. Malinowski, U.S. Coast Guard, World War 11; Nov. 26, 1926-Feb. 10, 2008; In loving memory (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Jackie P. Malone; Mar. 13, 1961-May 7, 2007; Married May 7, 1988-Together forever- In loving memory (Tombstone With Terry R. Malone)

Terry R. Malone; Mar. 4, 1964 Married May 7, 1988-Together forever- In loving memory (Tombstone With Jackie P. Malon


Ervey Maltos Jr.- Daddy; Aug. 8, 1967-Feb. 23, 2001


Christian Mandujano; Mar. 13, 2003-Mar. 13, 2003


Penney Law Manire, Beloved wife, mom and mimmie; June 17, 1943 (Double stone- other side blank)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Thomas D. Mann; 1928-2007; (Tombstone With Doris N. Mann) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Austin Burmia Mathews, MSG U.S. Army;,World War 11; Sept. 24, 1928-Apr. 7, 2006 (Tombstone With Minnie Ferrell Mathews)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Minnie Ferrell Mathews; Apr. 18, 1930(Tombstone With Austin Burmia Mathews)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Paula Ann McCoy, Loving wife, mom and nanny; April 6, 1954 (Tombstone With Ronald James McCoy)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Ronald James McCoy, Loving husband, dad and papa; Sept. 20, 1951 -Sept. 16, 2005 (Tombstone With Paula Ann McCoy(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Leroy Thomas McCrum, U.S. Army- Korea ; Dec. 23, 1928-Nov. 23, 2001 (Tombstone With Mary C. McCrum)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Mary C. McCrum, Beloved wife and mother; Nov. 29, 1918-Feb. 23, 2002 (Tombstone With Leroy Thomas McCrum)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Billie Jo McKee, Beloved mother and friend; June 6, 1927 (Tombstone With James Noland McKee) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

James Noland McKee, TEC 4 U.S. Army, World War 11; Oct. 27, 1918-May 6, 2006 (Tombstone With Billie Jo McKee) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Sharon Ann McMillan, Nana Mac beloved wife; Aug. 20, 1951 (Double stone- other side blank)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Phyllis B. "Maley" Miles; Nov. 11, 1913-Nov. 21, 2007


Glenda L. Miller; Aug. 11, 1946(Tombstone With John Paul Miller)

John Paul Miller; July 10, 1942-Nov. 10, 2003 (Tombstone With Glenda L. Miller)


Mildred B. Mitchell, Beloved wife and mother; Feb. 19, 1921-Oct. 12, 2007 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Adolphus V. Monroe, !st. SGT. U.S. Army, World War 11; Aug. 18, 1918-June 3, 2002(Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Irene Pate Monroe, The Lord is my light and my salvation Psalm 27:1; Oct. 12, 1933 (Tombstone With Paul Owen Monroe)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Paul Owen Monroe, U.S. Army- Korea; Feb. 12, 1933-Nov. 14, 2006; Well done good and faithful servant Matt: 25:21 (Tombstone With Irene Pate Monroe)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Rivian Jewels Maria Monroe:Dec. 15, 2004-Jan. 6, 2005


Neta Louise Mooney; May 21, 1943-Mar. 23, 2007; Loving wife, mother and grandmother- Our loved one


Clarence Albert Moore, PFC U.S. Army, World War 11; June 19, 191-Apr. 4, 2007 (Tombstone With M. Jane Moore) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

M. Jane Moore,Beloved wife and mother; Aug. 25, 1924 (Tombstone With Clarence Albert Moore) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Edna J. Morgan; Oct. 16, 1931; Together forever (Tombstone With Roland C. Morgan) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Roland C. Morgan; Mar. 11, 1927 (Tombstone With Edna J. Morgan) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Deloras Ann Morman, "Grandma"; Sept. 26, 1947; Together forever, Married Aug. 14, 1965 (Tombstone With Jerry Tom Morman)

Jerry Tom Morman, "Papa"; Oct. 16, 1947-Nov. 1, 2005; Together forever, Married Aug. 14, 1965 (Tombstone With Jerry Tom Morman)


Geraldine Morris, Beloved wife and mother; Sept. 19, 1924 (Tombstone With Paul Wesley Morris)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Paul Wesley Morris, U.S. Navy, World War 11- Purple Heart; Dec. 5, 1925-Aug. 16, 2003 (Tombstone With Geraldine Morris)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Quinn Martin Muirhead; Aug. 12, 1982-Apr. 30, 2005 (Large stone enough for six names-forever loved, never forgotten)


James Burton Mullins, RM1 U.S. Navy, World War 11; Mar. 9, 1924-May 31, 2008 (Tombstone With Jo Ann Mullins)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Jo Ann Mullins, Beloved wife, mother and grandma; Dec. 29, 1927 (Tombstone With James Burton Mullins)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Joseph Tate Myer, Our baby boy; Oct. 3, 200-Oct. 3, 2006


Jean T. Myrick; Apr. 6, 1936


Tonita Jo Palmer; 1920-2005


Charles Ray Paquin; Aug. 18, 1926-May 13, 2008; Gone to our father's home above


Nora L. Beesinger Pardue; Feb. 21, 1922; Faith, hope and love


E. Louise Pascoe; Feb. 23, 1930; Married Aug. 20, 1949 (Tombstone With Raymond P. Pascoe)

Raymond P. Pascoe; Mar. 26, 1924; Married Aug. 20, 1949 (Tombstone With E. Louise Pascoe)


Bobby Ray Phillips, PFC U.S. Army; Feb. 24, 1940-Oct. 29, 2003 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


James Thomas Poole Jr., SP4 U.S. Army; Feb. 5, 1955-Jan 12, 2007; Beloved husband and father (Double stone- other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Dalton Porter, S1 U.S. Navy-WW11; May 2, 1924-May 3, 1999; A million times we've needed you, a million times we've cried, If love could have saved you, you never would have died. In life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still. In our hearts you hold a place, no one else will ever fill. It broke our hearts to lose you but you didn't go alone, for part of us went with you, the day God called you home. We love you and will always miss you. (Double stone-other side blank)

Helen Shultz Porter, Sweetheart; Dec. 18, 1938 (Tombstone With Rudy Porter) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Rudy Porter, Army National Guard; Let me call you sweetheart; Mar. 25, 1924-Aug. 24, 2006 (Tombstone With Helen Shultz Porter) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Audrey E. Rape-Our mom; Apr. 18, 1928; Married Aug. 13, 1977; Together forever (Tombstone With E. Leroy Rape)

E. Leroy Rape; Sept. 25, 1928-Apr. 23, 2002l; Married Aug. 13, 1977; Together forever (Tombstone With Audry E, Rape)


Lois B. Redinger, Beloved wife and mother; June 6, 1928-Sept. 29, 2005 (Double stone-other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Donald Jay Reeves; Jan. 21, 1960 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Elaine Marie Ludden Reeves; July 28, 1920 (Double stone-other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


James B. Richardson, U.S. Army-Vietnam; Aug. 12, 1940-Jan. 3, 2002(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Shirley Gilmore Roberts; Jan. 15, 1948-May 6, 2006


Archie L. Robinson; Jan. 22, 1923; Married Feb. 27, 1967, Together forever (Tombstone With Vertilla F. Robinso)

Mary Jean Robinson, Beloved wife, mom, nana, teacher; Oct. 16, 1929 (Tombstone With Ray Leon Robinson) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Ray Leon Robinson, S1 U.S. Navy, World War 11; Sept. 29, 1926-Aug. 23, 2006; Beloved husband, dad, paw paw, coach (Tombstone With Mary Jean Robinson) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Vertilla F. Robinson; July 30, 1931; Married Feb. 27, 1967, Together forever (Tombstone With Archie L. Robinso)


Celestina Q. Romirez; Feb. 28, 1933 (Tombstone With John D. Romirez)

John D. Romirez;July 21, 1937-July 29, 2005 (Tombstone With Celestina Q. Romirez)


Nell Rountree, Wife, mother, grandmother; Nov. 21, 1928 (Tombstone With W.C. "Bill" Rountree )

W.C. "Bill" Rountree, Husband, father and grandfather; Feb. 6, 1928-June 25, 2006 (Tombstone With Nell Rountree)


James O. Roy; Jan. 28, 1922-Feb. 18, 2001 (Tombstone With Winnie M. Roy) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Winnie M. Roy;Apr. 8, 1930-Jan 16, 2002 (Tombstone With James O. Roy) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Eva Lorene Salyer; May 26, 1934; Beloved wife and mother (Double stone-other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Jasper E. Sanderfer, TEC 5 U.S. Army, World War 11; Apr. 22, 1923-Nov. 28, 2004 (Tombstone With Shirley B. Sanderfer) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Shirley B. Sanderfer, Loving wife and mother; May 17, 1941-Jan. 3, 2006 (Tombstone With Jasper E. Sanderfer (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


B. J. Shackelford, U.S. Marine Corp, Korea; July 22, 1930 (Tombstone With Gloria F. Shackelford) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Gloria F. Shackelford, Loving wife, mother and grandmother; May 19, 1935-Apr. 1, 2006 (Tombstone With B. J. Shackelford (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Mary Angeline Sheffield, Beloved wife and mother; Nov. 27, 1928-Nov. 28, 2001 (Double stone- other side blank)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Carroll W. Shewmaker, U.S. Marine Corps; June 13, 1948-Jan. 6, 2002 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Scott Wayne Sigala, "Boy Kid"; June 9, 2005-Nov. 14, 2005


Randal Gene Sipes Sr., Father, husband, grandfather; Feb. 13, 1956-Jan. 7, 2008

Sharon Sipes, Loving wife and mother-Beloved grandmother; Jan. 24, 1964-Mar. 1, 2007


Carol L. Skaggs; July 15, 1939-Feb. 15, 2006


Bessie H. Smith, Loving wife, mother and grandmother; June 8, 1934-Mar. 28, 2003 (Double stone- other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Edgar L. Smith, U.S. Army- S1 U.S. Navy- Bronze Star Medal, World War 11- Korea; Jan. 10, 1926-Dec. 28, 2005(Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Helen Smith; Feb. 16, 1925-Oct. 20, 2003; Together forever (Tombstone With J. V. Smith)

J. V. Smith; July 28, 1918-Feb. 20, 2001; Together forever (Tombstone With Helen Smith)

Jodell Jane Smith; Apr. 18, 1949; Married Mar. 26, 1977, Together forever (Tombstone With Joe Keith Smith)

Joe Keith Smith; Aug. 13, 1954; Married Mar. 26, 1977, Together forever (Tombstone With Jodell Jane Smith)


Johnny C. Spencer Jr., U.S. Army Air Forces; May 1, 1923-June 8, 2007; JC- Daddy (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Wanda Fay Steward, Beloved wife and mother; Dec. 12, 1939-Aug. 8, 2006 (Double stone- other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Mary V. Stokes; Oct. 9, 1920-Dec. 18, 2000


Leticia Jaimes Strouse--Mom; Jan. 12, 1957 (Tombstone With Edwin Yamir Hernandez)


Edith Marie "Kitty" Suwal; In loving memory, Wife, mother and best friend; June 17, 1923-Jan. 6, 2001 (Double stone- other side blank)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Mary B. Taraba; Mar. 3, 1933 (Tombstone With Stanley W. Taraba)

Stanley W. Taraba; Sept. 9, 1934 (Tombstone With Mary B. Taraba)


Hugh W. Tarwater, July 9, 1937-Sept. 20, 2004 ; Married Apr. 29, 1956 (Tombstone With Peggy J. Tarwater)

Peggy J. Tarwater; Nov. 7, 1939 ; Married Apr. 29, 1956 (Tombstone With Hugh W. Tarwater)


Gavin William Taylor; Jan. 25, 2001-Jan. 25, 2001; In GaGa's arms and our hearts forever


Hayden Ewing Teet, SGT. U.S. Army Air Forces, World War 11; Oct. 20, 1916-Apr. 24, 2003 (Double stone-other side blank)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Jewel Thomas, Loving mother and grandma; Feb. 13, 1920-Oct. 8, 2003


Betty Jean Sirocka Thompson, Beloved wife, mother and friend; June 11, 1933 (Tombstone With Gilbert S. Thompson)(Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Gilbert S. Thompson, U.S. Army-Korea; Jan. 27, 1930-Dec. 7, 2005; Our beloved Bert (Tombstone With Betty Jean Thompson) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Monty Edward Thorne- Son; Oct. 25, 2001-Dec. 26, 2001; Our beloved punkin


Christine O. Tice; Mar. 27, 1932 (Tombstone With Earl W. Tice)

Earl W. Tice; Mar. 22, 1934 (Tombstone With Christine O. Tice)


Patsy Umfleet, In God's loving care; Jan 2, 1938 (Tombstone With Robert Louis Umfleet) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Robert Louis Umfleet, SP4 U.S. Army-Vietnam; May 5, 1939-Jul. 20, 2006 (Tombstone With Patsy Umfleet) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Unmarked (No stone here but granite base)


Joyce A. Vaden;May 19, 1939-Oct. 10, 2002 Loved by kids and grandkids (Tombstone With William R. Vaden) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

William R. Vaden; May 14, 1935; Loved by kids and grandkids (Tombstone With Joyce A. Vaden) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Callie M. Volentine, "Granny"; May 30, 1931-May 8, 2006; In loving memory (Tombstone With Howard G. Volentine)

Howard G. Volentine, "Papa"; Oct. 7, 1928; In loving memory (Tombstone With Callie M. Volentine)


Henry George Wardlow, CPL U.S. Army, World War 11; Mar. 6, 192-Aug. 2, 2006 ; June 24, 1930 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Bobbie G. Wesley; 1937; Together forever (Tombstone With Edward H. Wesley) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Edward H. Wesley; 1930-2004; Together forever (Tombstone With Bobbie G. Wesley) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Myrtle Rae "Babe" West; May 27, 1928-Nov. 29, 2007; Loving mother and grandmother


Mary Lou Whatley; Feb. 9, 1927-Jan. 18, 2001; Married Feb. 2, 1945- Together always - Now abide faith, hope, love 1 Cor. 13:13 (Tombstone With Otis Barto Whatley)

Otis Barto Whatley; Sept. 16, 1913;-June 5, 2004; Married Feb. 2, 1945- Together always - Now abide faith, hope, love 1 Cor. 13:13 (Tombstone With Mary Lou Whatley)


Artie Jay White, M. Sgt. U.S. Marine Corps, Korea- Vietnam; Sept. 13, 1926-May 12, 2004 (Tombstone With Sue White) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Christopher Alan White; Apr. 1, 1977-July 6, 2003; Loving daddy, papa, husband, son and brother

Sue White; June 30, 1930 (Tombstone With Artie Jay White (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Bethel Eugene "Gene" Williams; Oct. 30, 1933; Married Aug. 26, 1950; Donated by grandchildren (Tombstone With Maggie Maurine Williams)

Connie M. Williams, Wife, mother and grandmother; May 28, 1915 (Tombstone With J. B. Williams (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

J. B. Williams, U.S. Army, World War 11; May 30, 1921-May 7, 2005 (Tombstone With Connie M. Williams) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Maggie Maurine Williams; Jan. 20, 2004; Married Aug. 26, 1950; Together forever; Donated by grandchildren (Tombstone With Bethel Eugene "Gene" Williams)

Minnie C. Williams, Beloved wife and mother; Jan. 17, 1921-Nov. 13, 2007 (Tombstone With William d. Williams) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)

Oscar K. Williams; Oct. 25, 1920-Mar. 21, 2004; Best of the best

William D. Williams, PFC U.S. Marine Corps- Korea; Nov. 11, 1935-Apr. 26, 2007; Loving husband and father(Tombstone With Minnie C. Williams) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


James Vinson Woodruff, SP4 U.S. Army- Vietnam; Sept. 15, 1951-Mar. 16, 2003(Veterans Section of Cemetery)


John T. Wroblski, U.S. Air Force; Feb. 3, 1917-Oct. 4, 2006 (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


Billie York, Loving wife, mother, grand and great grandmother; June 10, 1929 (Double stone- other side blank) (Veterans Section of Cemetery)


James O. Zipperian; Aug. 17, 1926-Feb. 9, 2008; Married Aug. 31, 1956- Together forever (Tombstone With Marie Zipprian)

Marie Zipperian; Mar. 5, 2007; Married Aug. 31, 1956- Together forever (Tombstone With James O. Zipperian)

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