The Quaker Stokeses

Buried on the Banks of

the Rancocas River


Information and Photographs provided by DeLane Davidson of North Brunswick, New Jersey, a descendant of Thomas Stokes


Thomas Stokes arrived in America aboard "The Kent" at New Castle on the Delaware River on 16th of the 6th month 1677 O.S. (Under the "Old Style" dating, March was the first month. This was changed in England and her colonies in 1752. Therefore, The Kent docked in New Castle on 16 August 1677.) Thomas was one of the first settlers in Burlington County, New Jersey, and it is said that when he and his family moved there, "Their only neighbors were Indians."

When Thomas died in 1720, he was buried on the banks of the Rancocas River in the "Rancocas Quaker Burying Ground." The cemetery is now in Willingboro, New Jersey, on Centerton Street which is an extension of Bridge Street of Rancocas Village. DeLane Davidson of North Brunswick, NJ, a descendant of Thomas Stokes, has enumerated the cemetery and provided photographs of it. Both are used with his permission.

To reach the cemetery, take Route 295 to Exit 45 in Willingboro, New Jersey. Travel 1 mile to Centerton Street/Bridge Street. Turn left. Travel one-half mile and the cemetery is on the left.

According to the records, not only were Quakers buried there, but the Indians were invited to bury their dead also. According to their custom, however, the Indian graves were not marked in any way.

DeLane lists the family and descendants of Thomas Stokes just as they are listed on the grave marker.


Rancocas River Looking Toward the Quarker Friends' Burying Ground




Scenes of Rancocas Village, New Jersey and Quaker Meeting House

 The Home of Samuel Stokes in Moorestown, New Jersey.

Moorestown Cemetery



Cemetery Enumeration of Thomas Stokes and His Descendants

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(Located toward the back in the middle area of the Burial Grounds)

Thomas Stokes, born in London, England, 1640, died 1720

Mary Barnard Stokes, wife of Thomas Stokes, born died

John Stokes, son of Thomas Stokes, born in England 1675, died 1740

Elizabeth Green Stokes, wife of John Stokes

John Stokes, 2nd son of John Stokes, born 5th Mo, 16th, 1713, died

Hannah Stockdale Stokes, wife of John Stokes 2nd, born 1718 died 1790

David Stokes, son of John Stokes 2nd, born 11th Mo 12th, 1751, died 9th Mo, 27th 1830

Ann Lancaster Stokes, wife of David Stokes, born 6th Mo 27th, 1759, died 9th Mo, 25th, 1835


(Located towards the front in the first few rows on the left)

Phebe P. Stokes 1827 - 1913

Caroline G. Stokes 1828 - 1900


(Located towards the back on the left of the area)

John Stokes, born 4th Mo 11th, 1777, died 2nd Mo 22nd, 1854

Elizabeth W. Stokes, born 3rd Mo 30th, 1789, died 3rd Mo, 28th, 1853


(Located towards the back on the left 6 feet apart with nobody in between)

I. Stokes

S. Stokes


(Located towards the back on the right)

Charles Stokes 1851 - 1928

Helene P., wife of Charles Stokes, 1867 - 1931

Willyard R. Son of Charles and Helen P. Stokes, 1896 - 1922

Martha H., Daughter of Charles and Helen P. Stokes, 1902 - 1953

Pelletier, Son of Charles and Helene P. Stokes, July 19, 1893, Dec 7, 1900


(Located towards the back on the right)

William J. Stokes (Father) 1868 - 1921, Son of William & Anna M. Stokes

Margaret Perkins (Mother) 1870 - 1954, Wife of William J. Stokes


(Located towards the Back on the right)

Rowland Stokes, son of Martha & Jarrett Stokes, born Feb. 14th, 1856, died, Sept. 3rd, 1918

Eleanor A., Wife of Rowland Stokes, 1862 - 1954


(Located towards the back on the right)

Charles Stokes, Son of David & Ann, born 8th Mo 12th, 1791 - died 2nd Mo. 27th, 1882

Tacy Stokes, Wife of Charles Stokes, born 8th or 9th? Mo, 18th or 19th?, 1785 Died 8th or 9th? Mo 14th, 1913

Jarrett Stokes, Son of Charles & Tacy Stokes, born 4th Mo 29th, 1823 died 9th Mo 18th, 1870

William Stokes, Son of Charles & Tacy Stokes, born 9th Mo 27th, 1827 died 8th Mo 14th, 1913


(Located towards the back on the right)

James McIlvain Stokes 1865 - 1933

Ernest F. Janney, NJ Ensign US Navy, WWI, May 29, 1894, April 24, 1971

Evalina Bartlett Stokes 8-22-1871 7-27-1966

William Stokes Janny AB US Air Force, Korea, Jan. 27, 1934, Feb. 8, 1996

Frances Stokes Janney, 1-15-1896 7-7-1973


(Located towards the back on the right)

Stokes Haines, born 5 Mo. 22nd, 1817, died 5 Mo. 23rd, 1878


(Located half way back on the right)

C. S.


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