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Last Update: 14 December 2014

There is a lot new on these pages but some of the old is still around. We will continue to work to bring the Stokes and related families up to date. Remember, if you do not want your family mentioned, we will be sure to keep them from showing up as much as we can. That means we can replace the parent of the group with only a “Female” or “Male” child and thereby remove all the children below that person.

The home page became too unwieldy and cumbersome; therefore I have put some explanations on a separate page just so that the first time a reader looks at the web site, he/she can read what’s new and have some explanation. Here is what you will find there:

What Do We Need?

The New Link Called “Articles”

Another New Link Called “Documents”

Another One Called “Family Obituaries”

The Photo Album

What’s New?

Many of the Related Family files have finally been updated with the help of several “cousins.” Also, some new family files have been added. Check it out!

Also, look at our family below. Especially, the last one down at the bottom of the page. That is What’s New!!!!!!!

Robert (Bob) Stokes

Music arranged and performed by Jim Taylor, Kemp, Texas, and recorded on “The Magical Keyboard of Jim Taylor,” used by permission.

Patricia V. Stokes

Our Daughter

Cynthia S. Parker

Our Son

Robert-Charles D. Stokes

Our Son-in-law

Dale Parker

Our Daughter-in-law

Serena Bernstein

Our Granddaughter

Shanda B. Thomas

Our Grandson-in-law

Joel Thomas

Our Grandson

Keenan Barksdale

Our First Son-in-Law and Father of our Grandchildren

Ben Barksdale


My Stokes Family

I have been very negligent about introducing my family. Pat and I have been very fortunate to have two very fine children, two outstanding grandchildren, and two fine in-laws. Now, let me introduce us.

Reagan Mackenzie Thomas, Born 21 February 2014

Daughter of Joel and Shanda Barksdale Thomas

Our great granddaughter