The Gaddis Family


Jacob Gaddis

The pictures of the Jacob Gaddis and his daughters Myrtle and Kate with their husbands, as well as the historical data was furnished by Katie Redd, the wife of Jacob Gaddis' great-grandson. The picture of Goody and Charles Vestal was provided by Pat Stokes Vestal, a great-granddaughter of Jacob.


The Picture

At first there was a question about the picture. Information from the family indicated that Jacob Gaddis was in the Confederate Infantry; however the uniform appeared to be Union. Advice was sought from other family historians who were versed in Civil War matters. The comments we received indicated that first: the rifle was one with a revolving cylinder which was not issued by either army but was an individual contribution by the soldier. The main evidence for army service came from the knife which was Confederate issue identified by the guard on the handle

The Man

Jacob Gaddis was born in 1833 in Tennessee as determined by the 1850 census where he is listed as 17 years old. He served in the Confederate Army in 1861 and 1862 when he enlisted at Camp Smartt, Tennessee, on 6 September 1861, for twelve months. The company he joined as successively designated as Company E, Mountain Rifle Regiment Tennessee Volunteers, Camptain Commings' Company; and Company C, 5th Tennessee Regiment Provisional Army; and Company C, 35th Regiment Tennessee Infantry. It was organized 11 September 1861, and accepted into the service of the Confederate States, 31 October 1861.

After his enlistment, he was on furlough from 17 October 1861 to 7 November 1861. On the reports we have, he was present April through August 1862. On the September and October report, he is listed as "Absent without leave"; however, his name appears in the column of soldiers present. On the November and December report, he is listed as absent without leave and then marked as "Deserted Nov. 7, 1862." At one time he is listed as "Absent without leave, Nov 16, 1862."

On 19 January 1865 he married Tenneper Ellen Bailey, daughter of Philip and Ann Johnson Bailey, in Scottsdale, Allen County, Kentucky.

In 1890 he was listed on the Dallas County tax rolls and in the 1891 - 1894 Dallas, Texas, Directory he is a farmer residing on the north side of Junius, 3 blocks east of Carroll Avenue.

He died in Dallas, Texas, and is buried in the Oakland Cemetery on what is now Malcolm X Blvd. in Dallas.


Louzinkie who married a thompson and then a Holder.

George Ella who married Andy McCorley

Harmon Melvin who married Margaret Elizabeth Thompson

Margaret Lee who married Robert Landon Thompson

Dute who married Harrison F. Madewell

Goody who married Charles David Vestal

Louisa who married Felix Reeves

Myrtle who married Charles Henry Brantley

Kate who married William Lee Estill and the a Brantley

Johnnie May who married Noyce Richard Crandall