William Henry Vestal Family



The Vestal family is represented by two pictures sent by Kathy Stotts of Tulsa, Oklahoma. This picture is of her grandfather, William Henry Vestal and his second wife, Jennie May Theis Vestal. William Henry was the grandson of William Vestal born in 1802. The young lady in the background is Celia Dickison, Jennie's daughter by her first husband born in 1898. She told Karla that she was about 15 at the time the picture was taken. The boy is John Phillip, William's son by this first wife Rosa Massey (Massie).

William Henry changed his name to Harrison bacause of a duel that he participated in where the other man died in Texas around 1880. He moved to Oklahoma, changed his name and raised two families. All his children bore the name "Harrison." His real name was not known until the late 1920's when some of his family tracked him down. He then went home for a great reunion with them.